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Welcome to the icon community of cazthehobbit! I'll be posting all my icons (and also occasionally wallpapers and headers) in here. I originally started out making Doctor Who and Torchwood icons, though I've since diversified into a lot of other fandoms - Top Gear (because there are so few TG icon-makers out there, and it's such a fun little fandom, not to mention an awesome show!), Life on Mars (and its spin-off Ashes to Ashes), Lord of the Rings (obviously, with a username like mine!), Disney, various costume dramas, various artists and pretty much anything featuring the lovely David Tennant, including his recent work for the Royal Shakespeare Company. If you snag anything, don't forget to credit either cazthehobbit or hobbit_iconses.

I generally don't take requests, but if you want text adding to a textless icon, let me know in the comments. I might take a little while to get back to you with it, but I'll get round to it eventually! :)

I will also be posting screencaps from time to time.

If you would like to affiliate with hobbit_iconses, please comment on this post (comments are screened).



Screencaps from:
obsessive_caps dw_pics larissa_j
sunset_to_dawn marishna Sundive
Time-and-Space.co.uk dj_capslock
megacaps haunted_teacosy

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icon_textures xgraphicjunkie charlieandi haudvafra peclaire brokendogma
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noisettee @ coloured_skies chaoticfae @ dustypaper
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noisettee @ coloured_skies rhcp_csi wonderland__

Brushes from:
mutsie_brushes 100x100_brushes

Fonts from:
Simply the Best Free Fonts

Icons made with Paint.NET and, previously, Photoshop 7.

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